Adults and children alike will appreciate this traditional Seder
presented in a non-traditional way.

It is easy to understand,
enjoyable, and interesting.

One six-year-old asked if
it was written by Dr. Seuss!

What better way to engage children
in this wonderful, ritual observance?

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Now you can
share with children

in a way that is meaningful to themwhat the Seder symbols mean, why we read the Haggadah, and how the Passover holiday is still
relevant in the 21st century.





In this easy-to-understand Haggadah,
the serious message of Passover is interspersed
with light-hearted verse,
a story in pictures, and
playful illustrations.



Whether this is your 1st Seder
or your 71st,

Pass Over
the Seder Plate

is sure to delight.



What people are saying:

“The Haggadot are fabulous!”

Louise M., Livingston, NJ


“I absolutely loved your Haggadah. 
Best one I’ve ever used.”

Todd T., Fort Wayne, IN


“We used your Haggadah…
and all agreed

 it was the best Seder we ever had.”
Geri Y., Boca Raton, FL


“Did Dr. Seuss write this book?”

Jordan B. (age 6), Voorhees, NJ




The Religious School of Temple Beth Shira, Boca Raton, FL. had the great pleasure of using
[Please, Don’t Pass Over the Seder Plate] during our school Seder….

In my 25 years as Cantor, I have never seen a more joyfully animated school Seder.


The children were captivated and participated with great enthusiasm. The illustrations, the poetry, and the fun throughout the Haggadah made this hands-on experience one that the children still talk about…. They learned, they shared, they smiled, they sang and they enjoyed—as did all of the teachers and parents who were present.

    Cantor Ellen L. Stettner, Spiritual Leader

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